Marketing Management Principles

Marketing management principles is the practical application of marketing techniques that include analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to create, build, and maintain mutually beneficial exchanges with target markets or customers. Marketing manager has a duty to influence the level, timing and composition of demand so as to achieve organizational goals.

Marketing Management Principles Is The Knowledge And Practical Applications To

* Understand the economic structure of the industrial sector.
* Identify market segments.
* Identify the most suitable marketing strategy for the company.
* Identify the target markets.
* Conduct market research to develop profiles (demographic, psychographic, and behavioral) of all customers.
* Understand competitors and their products.
* Developing new products.
* Establish monitoring mechanisms to detect opportunities, threats, and environment.
* Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company.
* Audit the customer experience on all brands.
* Develop a marketing strategy for each product using variables of mix marketing: product, price, distribution and promotion.
* Create durable competitive advantage.
* Understand where they should be in the future in terms of “trademark” of the company and write a marketing plan on a regular basis to develop strong “trademark”.
* Build feedback system (management information system) to help determine the changes needed to optimize the process of marketing.

Marketing Management Trends

* Previously use Marketing Tactics -> Now focused on Marketing Strategy.
* Previously create sales through advertising -> Now create a brand through an integrated marketing strategy that coordinates all points of the relationship between the company and the community.
* Formerly focused on transactions that benefit in the near future -> Now focuses on the value of the customer life cycle.
* Formerly focused on the units analysis -> Now focusing on the entire value chain analysis to detect the primary needs of consumers.
* Formerly focused on the production unit -> Now focusing on the product segmentation.
* Previous segmented by demographic and geographic variable -> Now segmented in depth using all relevant variables, especially behavior, level of use, customer loyalty, and products benefits for customers.
* Formerly focused to attract new customers -> Now is focused on maintaining current customers.
* Previously the business activities are only measured using financial metrics -> Now all activities are measured using marketing, finance and strategic metrics.
* Previous intended to satisfy shareholders -> Now is intended to satisfy all the stakeholders.
* Formerly marketing is for the marketing department -> Now anyone in the company is marketing.
* Previous work based on the structure of the individual in the organization-> Current working patterns is based on cross-functional teams.
* Previous develop and implement annual marketing plans -> Now develop and implement monthly and weekly marketing plan.

The change from the old marketing management strategy to a new strategy of marketing management creates optimal results in marketing efforts of business organizations.

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Aircraft System

Absolute Pressure Gauge – Aircraft Gauge
Advisory Ice Detection System
Aileron Buzz
Aircraft Bias Tire
Aircraft Evaluation Group (AEG)
Aircraft Ice Protection System
Aircraft Main Fuel Tank
Aircraft Maximum Payload Capacity
Aircraft Radial Tire
Aircraft Tire Bead
Aircraft Tire Casing
Aircraft Tire Flatspotting
Aircraft Tire Safety Cage
Aircraft Tire Separation
Aircraft Tire Sidewall
Aircraft Tire Sidewall Vents
Aircraft Tire Transverse Crack
Aircraft Tire Tread
Aircraft Tire Undercutting
Ammeter – Aircraft
Annealed glass – Aircraft Windows
Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) Test Dummy – 16G Seat Testing Term
Arc tracking
Automatic Cycling Mode – Aircraft Deicing
Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)
Axial flow compressor

Aircraft Model – Parnall

Parnall Scout
Parnall Perch
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Parnall Elf
Parnall Pixie
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Parnall 382
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Parnall 281 Hobo

Manage Time Effectively to Achieve Your Highest Value Goals

Manage Time Effectively

10 Tips to Success in Making the Most of Your Time

Time is the element of Life
Albert Einstein

Manage time to achieve your highest value goals. Time is your most precious asset. Once passed, time passed forever. No human being can go back to the past. It is crucial to manage time in the best possible way. The better you manage your time, the better your life will be. Conversely, the worse you manage your time, then the worse your lives will be. Here are 10 tips that you can apply to manage time effectively.

1. Set Goals High Value

Set high value goals. Your ability to set and achieve high-value goals can make big differences in term of results you will reap, both in your personal life and business life. Manage time by setting and achieving high value goals. Your focus to set and achieve highest value goals can accelerate the progress. Take the time to set your priorities right.

2. Focus

Focus is very important. Manage time using the power of focus. The essence of the principle focus is how to get your highest value jobs done successfully in the shortest possible time. The more focused you are in your effort, the faster you achieve your goal. Setting the priority is the first and foremost in importance. Highest value jobs must be put at the top first of your priority. The key is to focus our efforts on high value activities that give the best results. The higher the level of our competence in setting priorities and scale of time and effort focusing on high-value activities, then the greater our ability to realize higher value-added purposes.

3. Understand and Apply Process Best

In any human effort to achieve the goals run, there are important processes that must be done thoroughly. Mistakes made by most people is trying to reach your goals with a shortcut, do not want to go through critical processes that to ensure success. If this important process passed, then we learned the results would be far from expectations. All important processes must be done. Understand the consequences of the shortcut you use because if not careful, a shortcut that used to be used to accelerate, it actually slowed.

4. Attitudes have Discipline

Discipline is a very important attitude to be applied if we are to succeed in everything we do. The success of a person is directly proportional to the level of discipline he had. Human mental attitude and the discipline to understand that the purpose of high value should be set and achieved with a business seriously. Discipline shows sincerity in trying. No matter how good its intended purpose, but if not accompanied by the mental attitude of disciplined men, it will be very difficult to achieve these goals.

5. Improve Process Efficiency

Review the process you use to achieve goals. See if the process could be simplified. Efficiency is a way to save lots of precious time. Efficiency not mean that you take a shortcut. Efficiency related to simplifying the existing processes but with the same results or even better. Shortcuts often eliminate important process, while increasing efficiency is the simplified way of working while continuing to improve the quality of outputs. An important principle to understand is: the quality of a process, it also increases the results that we can harvest.

6. Create Mutually Beneficial Synergies

Human beings are social creatures. We can not do everything alone. Seeing these facts, it is important to establish cooperation or mutually beneficial synergy in the efforts we do. Mutually beneficial synergies can be applied if we have an accurate understanding of fellow human beings. Every human being is created unique. The uniqueness of humans is obvious because each human being have the unique potential which are ready to be realized.

7. Select Product Quality

Why should choose a quality product under the standard only for hunting bargains, but if the selected quality products, then in the long run it is more profitable. Quality products provide more value, durable, and has a resale value higher. In contrast, the cheap products of inferior quality even faster in the fast sambah, and it resulted in waste. What does a quality product with time? The meaning is: focus your efforts on high-quality activities, which provide high added value, rather than on the quality of low added value, which was detrimental if calculated in terms of time usage.

8. Make The Most of Your Best Opportunities

Many opportunities are available out there, but not all useful opportunities to be utilized. The best strategy is by making the most of your best opportunities. How do you understand that such opportunity is the best one? Simply by setting your priority right. Focus on your personal core competence to make the most of your best opportunities.

9. Integrate Integrated Quality

Applying the principles of integrated quality or total quality can double the results you reap short-term and long term. This means that you combine various aspects of quality such as mindset, decision making, leadership, personality, character, intelligence, emotional, and spiritual. Key to the success of time management is to constantly improve the quality and sustainability.

10. The ability to use Optimal Thinking

The mind is a place where you process lots of information and make decisions. Whatever people do come from the mind. God gives reason to think. The more you use your thinking skills, the more your brain develops. Increasing intelligence the more you hone and use it.

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